Well it was destined to come to this…

It’s with a heavy heart that I must admit partial defeat. My 1K Mistake has won and I admit it’s a lots cause. After getting yet another fuel leak and crawling under and seeing how bad it is with fresh eyes, I decided to really look at the “parts” truck. I have come to the hard decision of swapping the trucks and I have decided to restore the parts truck. This means I’ve given up on the idea of salvaging the red truck but I really needed to make this decision before spending any real money into it. I’ll be making a video later explaining the reasons in detail but I feel it’s best to have a strong foundation to build off of instead of trying to salvage a truck that’s beyond repair. It’s a huge personal blow but for what I have planned it really will be the best. So for the future plans I’ll be gutting both trucks and putting the perfect interior of the red truck into the black then swapping drive shafts and springs Depending on the condition of the axles I may keep the g80 already on the black one or swap it for the “good” truck. However the main seal is leaking. Also once everything is together I’ll be gone phase two which will be upgrading to solid axles then the final big jump will be 1 ton axles with a LS series 6.0 and if I can pull it off I want to stretch the frame and have a full sized bed on it. It’s going to be a long road but I really thing over time it will be the focus of my channel. Let’s hope I can pull any of this off.

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Added on: September 20th, 2019

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